(HTH) HYPNOTHERAPIST - Regression Hypnotherapy

(HTH) HYPNOTHERAPIST - Regression Hypnotherapy

(HTH) HYPNOTHERAPIST - Regression Hypnotherapy (5 Days)  $ 1470 CAD

Time:   8:30 am. – 5:30 pm or later

Pre-requisite: BH, HT, MHT

“From effect back to cause, changing early childhood programming.”

Developed and presented by Attila Kun since 1996.

Email:  ihha.ca@gmail.com


Age Regression 
Inner child healing 
Hypnotherapy demonstrations 
Hypnotherapy practice

Course Outline:

Neuron net 
The physical and psychological manifestation of our belief system
Analogical mind
The mind and our health connection
4-tuple, NLP
Brain and its functions
Description of memories
Short-term memory
Long-term memory
Hallucinations, delusions,
False memory - False Memory Syndrome
False memory syndrome and brain
Memory that creates the symptom
Hypnotic triggers
Anchoring, NLP
Using an existing "hypnotic anchor" for induction
Developing new associations pattern, NLP
Anchor integration, NLP
Anchoring positive and negative emotions

Open and covert anchoring, NLP
Power anchor, NLP
Anchor collapsing, NLP
Emotional stress release
Eye accessing cues, NLP
Transforming therapy
The power of emotions in regression therapy
Therapeutic methods
Affect bridge
Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE)
More depth on secondary gain
Age Regression Therapy I., II.
Indirectly led regression process
Grief therapy in hypnosis
Gestalt therapy
Primary subconscious behaviors, games
Gestalt awareness and dialogues
Gestalt processes / methods
Gestalt game therapy for kids
Gestalt in hypnotherapy
Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques
Hypnosis in dentistry
Producing analgesia, anesthesia in dentistry
Positive thinking is not always good advice
The power of our thoughts