Medical Hypnotherapy

Pre-requisite: BH, HT, MHT, HTH

Developed and presented by Attila Kun since 1996.

Time:   8:30 am. – 5:30 pm or later

Email:  ihha.ca@gmail.com

This course provides specific training on integration of hypnosis to enhance the effectiveness of counselling in other disciplines,and vice-versa. With this course you earned the title Certified Hypnotherapist and you can become a member of ACHE, IMDHA, andí6or NGH.

Near death experience 
Past life therapy 
Individual counselling 
Hypnotherapy demonstrations 
Hypnotherapy practice 

Course Outline:

  • Self-realization - Abraham Maslow
  • We were all born for love and freedom - Susanna Tamaro
  • 30 days visualization - Nasa
  • Hypnotherapy for transformation
  • Hypnotherapy for psychosomatic illnesses
  • Inner conflict
  • Motivation
  • Conversion disorder
  • Identification
  • Personal conformity
  • Masochism, martyr syndrome
  • Imprints of the mind
  • Sexual imprints
  • Body language
  • Past experiences, experiences, memories
  • False emotional memory, dissociative identity
  • Emotions, stress
  • Enlightenment
  • Neurons, Neurogenesis
  • Parts of the brain
  • The triune brain
  • Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Mitochondria
  • Free radicals, antioxidants
  • Biology of the nervous system and brain
  • The central nervous system
    Neighborhood and peripheral nervous system
    Peripheral nervous system
    Somatic nervous system
    Autonomous - vegetative nervous system
    Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
    Endocrine system
    Neurotransmitters - hormones
    Personality structure
    Anxiety, preventive mechanisms
    Freud psychoanalysis, Ego / Id / Superego 
    Collective consciousness, personality archetypes
    Jung - Analytical Psychology
    Dream analysis - Freud and Jung
    Esdaile state, trance
    Returning from Esdaile trans
    Hypnosis in medical emergencies
    Suggestion without suggestions
    Past Life therapy regression 
    GAP Syndrome - The relationship between 
    Briefing on psychological disorders
    Narcissist, psychopaths, sociopaths, cognitive dissonance, antisocial identity disorder
    Salt, Ketosis
    Intestinal dysfunction = brain dysfunction
    ACHE Code of Ethics